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Let Go & Let God 

Let Go and Let God 

We can quickly jump to a mindset of thinking that we know what’s best for our lives but maybe we have no idea. I’m sure you have seen the photo above floating around Facebook before. This is an illustration of Jesus asking you to just trust his knowledge and plan for your life. I always understood this concept that God knows what’s best for our lives because he can see our future already. But also, he made a plan for our lives and had a detailed idea and purpose for our existence. You can grow up learning about a certain passage such as Jeremiah 29:11 

“For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you, plans for a hope and a future!” 

Studying this passage at a surface level sounds great and encouraging. But once you go deeper and live this scripture out and see exactly what God meant by this, it will change your life.

There have been so many dry lands in my life and unexpected events from all around. Obviously, we never plan for life to take an ugly turn but how can we trust God and this passage of scripture when everything is ripped away from us? This photo above says everything that’s going on in my life, literally from 3 years ago and up till today. There has been SO much loss in my life that it almost seems unbearable some days.

We can hold on to things, ideas, and people and think we have Gods best for our lives and it’s actually just “ok” or “decent”. Could it be that when the crap hits the fan and everything is stripped away from us, it’s actually producing something great in us? I believe so because the Bible says that conflict defines our character. Everything torn down in your life could be the rebuilding of what God originally planned for your life.

The hardest part for me? The “letting go” part of everything. I’ve always had a stubborn and strong willed mind. Sometimes it works for my benefit and other times it gets me in trouble. Especially when I was younger around 18 & 19 years old, I thought I knew everything. I thought I understood Gods life and heart for me and where I was going in life and what I wanted. Every time he asked me to give something up, it was always a guessing game or me questioning “Are you sure God?” 

There is a lot of people, ideas, & passions I love with my whole heart but those things or people might not be what God called to be operating in my life. Slowly every day he has been showing me little by little what his plans have been for me and where he wants to take me. And I don’t even fully know it yet but I can tell you it’s exactly this photo. Regardless of our mistakes and mishaps, he can still reset our GPS in life to exactly where he intended it to be. He can take broken hearts and the big messes of life and turn it into a powerful message of his saving grace. I am an open vessel for him to work through me and my life to show his loving kindness and grace.

Pain and heartbreak are like fire that will burn off what wasn’t meant to be in your life and God will redefine and shape you into something amazing. There is beauty in brokenness and he is close to the broken hearted.


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