Tan Aztec Print Duster




Tan Aztec Print Cardigan Duster!



Okay, so I didn’t really know or hear about dusters until early last year. They are basically really long cardigans. I kept trying to find the perfect length for one because being super short, you end up looking like you are wearing a blanket. You can wear heels and make up for the height difference but I wanted to find something for everyday. This duster is super cute and is also lightweight so I can wear it in all different seasons and weather. I found this duster not intentionally but by accident in Walmart when shopping for groceries. Random? But I couldn’t pass it up!


PicMonkey Collage

I love the cut of this cardigan duster because it doesn’t go completely straight down and has fringe and the cut goes up at an angle. This makes it perfect for everyday and I can wear it with any shoe. There is something fun and unique about dusters, it’s like having a modern day superwoman cape. Goals right?



I found this cool spot randomly and it has been my go-to spot for photos for this blog. It’s like in the middle of nowhere, dry grass, usually no one around, and really quiet. Not only does it have bomb lighting at Golden Hour but it’s a place I like to just be still and think. My life seems like this field lately; Dry, Desolate, Isolated, and ready to be built upon. But I have never felt so close to God like I do now, like no other time in my Christian walk. He’s what I focus on 24/7, He’s sustaining me, He’s giving me visions and dreams WAY bigger than I can handle, He’s even giving me new worship songs that I have been writing. I feel myself again, my real self.. which is only found in Him.

I have had spoken over me and my life so many times from many people, pastors, friends, and family that God has given me a special gift for worship. That people are healed physically & emotionally when God moves through my singing and playing. Never really understood why God chose me because I feel so unworthy of it but I just give it back to Him and glorify Him with my gifts. I have heard this my whole life and knew I was called to bring that atmosphere of worship for people. Whether that was in church on a stage, ministering at home to my family, or out singing for the homeless. This has always been a passion of mine and it was definitely passed down to me from my dad who was a worship leader my whole life. He wrote so many worship songs that even to this day get me through the hardest times of life. There is an anointing on those songs and singing them just brings me into Gods presence.

This seemed to have slipped away from me and I forgot completely who I was and my gift and calling once I got married. It was as if my passion and fire had been put out and I completely put God and my relationship with him on the back burner. I became so selfish, my heart was so focused on making more money in anyway that I could. I focused on being the best career driven woman I could be. I strived so hard that I was always exhausted but ignored that by filling my life with stuff and busyness to distract myself. Marriage became my idol and I wanted to have the best of the best Christian marriage to be an example to others. I had this perfect idea in my head that my marriage was put together by God and it was perfect and others needed to model after us. So prideful and foolish of me but God is merciful to correct his children.

But somehow, God is so full of grace. What I realized is that if we create idols in our life, God will shake these to the core because He is a jealous God and wants the spot of being “First” in your life. His jealously is not like when we become jealous of others. He does it out of love and wanting that place in your heart first. He knows no one or thing in the world can fill our voids within our souls except for him. He knows if we make people, money, or anything an idol before him that we will become broken, empty and chasing the wind.

Through all of this it has prompted me to research a lot about mental health and psychology. I have found so many things about myself because of my research and God has been changing me and my heart from the ground up. I also found a huge love for Psychology and understanding how the minds of people work. I love studying behaviors and habits and how they come about. I love learning about the way people think and linking together where to find it in the Bible and want to help people heal and forgive and live in freedom Jesus died to give us. That is what has happened to me and my life has radically been changed. My view on myself, life, and real love is all redefined now. It’s all defined by God and my standards are Gods standards. I’m excited and hoping next year to attend William Jessup University to study Psychology because I am so passionate about it.

Here’s to becoming whole in Jesus and following wherever He leads me.. ❤





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