Deep Calls to Deep



Even the winds and the waves obey him! – Matthew 8:27

I love everything about water, the beach, and the ocean. I grew up going to the beach my whole life and it never gets old. Lately, I have been seeing the ocean in a new light and God has been showing me how his love is like the waves. The waves are powerful and crash over you and chases you to the tide and pulls you in. When we give Jesus permission to fill our lives and to reign in our hearts, he becomes living water inside of us. He’s a gentleman and doesn’t force himself into our hearts, he gives us free will. But when we make that choice to follow him, he will show you love everywhere you go and in deeper ways you didn’t think were possible.

Psalm 42:7 says:

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of all your waterfalls; Β all your waves and breakers have swept over me.”

I recently wrote a new worship song called “Oh My Soul” and when I was trying to write the verse I couldn’t come up with anything. I prayed in my heavenly language while playing the piano and the words came to me prophetically, it was literally edifying me. God was showing me a visual of a big wave that was crashing over me and being completely consumed with this wave and that’s how his love is with us. The Holy Spirit was speaking over me and that’s how the first verse came about. It says

“I see a wave, of love crashing over me. And nothing stands against me, no nothing in my way.. only his grace” Oh My Soul – Aubrey Danielle

I cried so hard singing these words because I was like “oh my goodness!” he covers me with his love and nothing stands against me because he is for me and nothing will be in my way to hinder; not condemnation, guilt, Β or judgement. Just his grace is what we are up against. Receiving his loving kindness and grace will lead our hearts to want to repent and to be made new in him.

I’m not sure what God is up to with my life or where he is taking me but everyday is taking little steps of faith and trusting he has BEST for my life in every area and I got to trust him every step of the way. ❀



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