Floral Print Top & Jeans


A mix of Floral, Sparkle, and Jeans


Well, I was lucky enough to find the trendy floral print going around on this really cute top from Old Navy. This top has multiple colored mini flowers but it’s soft, girly, and still casual. This top material is also incredibly comfortable and lightweight for those 90 degree cali days. Anytime it starts to get hot, I find clothes that don’t hug my body too close so it’s more comfortable.




I kept my accessories simple and basic today with just a watch and a small necklace. I recently found this adorable necklace that says “Stay Strong” at a really cute fashion boutique called Krazy Mary’s in downtown Sacramento. I like having a necklace to remind me to stay strong in God and don’t give up. That he has something great for my future…. He even promises a future not to harm me, but to give me a hope and a future. I’m thankful that even when life doesn’t make sense, he promises to always see me through and that anything I go through is never wasted.







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